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Going for denture reline? Make these 6 considerations!


Among the many dental treatments that are available today, denture reline is one of the most sought-after treatments to keep the dentures in your mouth properly fitted. With time and age, the shape of your mouth will also change and so denture relines are important to have a denture that fits comfortably inside your mouth. Without a proper denture reline, there are chances of suffering a loose-fitting denture that can fall out anytime from your mouth. So if you have been using dentures for a very long time, neglecting a denture reline treatment is not a good idea. But before opting for such a treatment, there are few things that you need to examine carefully. These are:

  1. Explore the borders- If the patient has worn dentures for more than 10 years and had never gone for denture relines solution, there is definitely a need to mold the border. If the area of the border looks like the former denture impression, it has to be started from there. But if the dentures are unstable or easily slips away, it is important to first fix the palate before beginning the construction of the border. You can put a smaller amount of three-quarter-size areas of material on the lower side of the denture and also on the midli. If this is not done, there will be inaccuracies in the border molding.denture relines solution

  1. Use an acrylic bur or microetch- To ensure that the adhesive is sticky enough, there is a requirement of a fresh surface. By using a micro etch or an acrylic bur, it can shape up the borders as well as the surface.

  1. Use the right amount of impression material- There is no need of taking an additional amount of impression material; only a small amount of it is needed for border molding. Once it is placed inside the mount, it begins to retain a better shape and starts muscle molding. You may have to begin with this step again if you insert it immediately after dishing it out.

  1. The need of three vent holes in the denture base– There must be three vent holes on the maxillary denture- one in the incisive region and the other two in the tuberosity region. This is especially done when there is a loose tissue in the anterior portion.

  1. Examine the use of light-body material amount – This is needed to make the denture properly fit to get the impression. You need to be cautious while exerting pressure on the posterior borders and also when removing excess material. On failing to do so, the posterior border will droop down towards the tongue and as a result, the impression material will be too chunky here.

  1. Bite to check the vertical dimension- After the posterior border is finally done, the patient needs to bite gently to give the final impression so that the patient can easily close his/her mouth and also allows the dentist to check the vertical dimension. This step is done so that the patient can bite wearing the dentures without trouble.

Conclusion– So if you have been using your dentures for many years now and haven’t yet gone for a denture reline, it is high time you visit your nearest denture clinic in Edmonton. Also, don’t forget to consider the above points for a successful denture reline treatment to make your dentures last longer!


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