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5 simple denture caring tips that seniors should follow


It is commonly agreed that wearing dentures is the best solution to avoid showing your missing teeth in front of everyone. This is especially true for aged people or seniors who go to central Edmonton denture clinic and avail the denture solution. But just wearing it is not enough; you must know the right caring tips so that wearing dentures becomes a comfortable affair and also maintain oral hygiene. The power of properly maintained dentures is vast- it helps seniors to eat food without pain and also improves their overall oral health.

So what are the practices that you should adopt to care for the dentures worn by the seniors in your home?

denture caring tips for seniors

1. Everyday care-

It must be known to you that the materials use to make these dentures, can get easily scratched and so the dentures must be cleaned very carefully. Also, cracked dentures can become the breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause illness and foul odor. Besides, you should refrain from using your daily toothpaste as they contain harmful abrasives that can render damage to the denture’s appearance. Denturists in Edmonton suggest using mild dish liquid to clean the dentures. On the contrary, you can also use commercial products that are specially made to clean dentures.

2. Keep them in the proper place-

Keeping dentures left in the open air for prolonged hours, is strictly forbidden by majority denturists in Edmonton. If the dentures are not being worn, keep them in an air-tight container filled with denture solution. You can also keep the dentures inside plain water.

3. Care for the mouth-

Maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary even if patients have no teeth. If you or one of your family members are in this group, then you must use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a toothpaste to clean the gums and tongue. By cleaning the gums and tongue like this, there will be a reduced number of bacteria inside the mouth before the dentures are again put inside the mouth.

4. Don’t neglect dental check-ups-

With time, dentures tend to become loose and they shift from their usual place, giving rise to ill-fitting dentures. Such dentures can give birth to serious gum problems like calluses and sores. If this happens, then the gums need to be operated upon and also the dentures have to be removed. Besides, as one gets old, his/her gums shrink and the dentures can get dislocated from its place. This is when denture relines come to the rescue! If this is the situation for someone aged at home, visit your denturist without delay. Besides, seniors must go for dental check-ups every six months for proepr care and maintenance.

5. Caring for dental implants-

Like dentures, dental implants are also a solution for missing teeth save for the fact that they are fixed inside your jaw bone. It is actually an artificial tooth root that is fixed in the gum to hold the replaced tooth. Caring for dental implants include brushing twice a day with a cleaning agent that has low abrasive. On the recommendation of your denturist, you can also use a soft pick or an interdental brush once a day.


Properly maintained dentures are what your aged one needs to enjoy his/her meal, talk, laugh and smile confidently. So follow these guidelines to give your senior the benefits of a well-maintained denture!


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